What do our clients have to say about us?

I am writing to provide both a business and personal reference for Mr. Andrew Metcalf.

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew for approximately twenty years. I have worked with Andrew as my law firm works concurrently with the collection agency which Andrew was a partner in addressing collection issues. As a fellow worker, I found Andrew to be extremely personable, prompt in his responses, highly motivated, reliable, responsible and very willing and able to assume responsibility. He puts a great deal of effort into furthering the goals of our mutual clients.

Personally, Andrew comes across as a friendly and sincere person with strong principals. I am happy to be able to provide you with any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.Charlene S. Bazarian, Esq.

I would highly recommend Mr. Andrew Metcalf at Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited. We have developed a close working relationship over the past 5 years. I have found him and his company to be very courteous and professional in their dealings with us.

He is very knowledgeable about the Massachusetts small claims court system and collection laws which takes a large burden off of us in the pursuit of due monies. We provide him with the information he needs to pursue our cases and he takes it from there.

We have utilized Mr. Metcalf’s company in both pre-judgment and post-judgment cases and have found his effects in collecting due monies for us to be highly effective. He provides us with timely reporting and pays us in a timely manner on collected monies.
Lynne Schwandt, Graham Waste Services

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited. Mr. Metcalf has been great to work with over the past several years. He is always very timely in providing us with the statements and any other information that we may require.

He does business in a very professional manner and is an effective collection agency. He does not harass his clients and takes a more friendly approach to his collection efforts. It is easier for us to do what we do best when we know that there is someone like Mr. Metcalf that can and will do the hard job of collecting money that we have been unable to.
Jason Caristi, The Greenskeeper Lawn

I am writing to provide a professional reference for Andrew Metcalf of Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited.

I have worked with Andrew over the past 4 years and I have found him and his company to be very reliable, prompt in their responses and very willing to assume all the responsibility in pursuing monies for us through the court system. We have been very happy with the service he has provided us with.

I would happily recommend him and his company to you.
Eugene Haen Jr., Capeway Towing

Andrew Metcalf has actually been great to deal with. For a debt collection company (I owe) he has really worked with me. He also is willing to make changes when I have needed, been understanding when I need more time and has just been easy to deal with.
Patti M.
AWESOME!! Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited was able to collect on a small claims case that I had given up on. When this company contacted me by mail I was very excited but I never really expected this money to be collected having already hired a constable who could not even find the plaintiff. Five months later a check in the mail! Unbelievable!! I 100% recommend Andrew Metcalf, owner of Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited.

Thank you so much!
Elisa H.

Like many small businesses in this economy, I had extremely delinquent accounts that I never expected to be paid. I had heard good reviews of Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited and decided to subcontract them for collections. I was thrilled with the immediate results. Most accounts were settled in less than 3 months and only 1 had to go to court.

I found Judgment Acquisitions to be extremely professional in their approach and are extremely thorough. They communicate well throughout the process and we were never left wondering what progress they had made. I would highly recommend J.A.U. (and often do) to other business owners who have exhausted in house attempts to recoup the money that they have worked for.
Marya C.