Letter Service

Pre-Collection Letter Service

Looking for an inexpensive and diplomatic way to collect your slow payers AND retrain them as customers? Our softer letters direct the customer to pay and/or contact you directly. Many of our medical (dentist, PCP, chiropractor) clients love this softer approach to recover over 94% of their “overdue” customers in less than 30 days(results may vary). Our 3-letter series (per account) encourages your customer to pay or reach out to you ASAP. Our FDCPA compliant letters are sent on our letterhead every 10 days in discrete window envelopes respectfully requesting their immediate attention to the matter.

We generally suggest using this letters service once a customer is 10 days past due. When the account pays you, let us know so we can stop the letters. We have a “Client Login” where you can add cases and stop the letters yourself 24/7.

Send us your list of delinquent accounts, and we will send you a check!