What is Judgment

We are a licensed and bonded collection agency founded in 2001 that collects commercial, retail, and judgment debts. We have collection letter services, phone calls, dunning letters, legal action (small claims, civil court, and Superior Court), and post judgment recovery. Did we forget anything? The way we see it, every business is different. Let’s talk about your business, and we will customize a program to fit your needs Schedule a call now.

We cut our teeth for years collecting judgments. Judgments are the most difficult of all debts to collect due to their age and several other factors. The skills we have learned and honed from those days have grown into a full serviced credit and collection agency that stands out from all the rest. We are continually updating our technology and adding new tools to serve you better and faster.

About: Andrew Metcalf

Andrew Metcalf has been involved in the collection business since 1992. Started his first company in 1993 and has formed several profitable businesses over the years. Currently he is working with Judgment Acquisitions Unlimited.

Andrew Metcalf is married and the father of 2 children. He is a sponsor of local athletics in Avon, Ma. He is the director of Avon Little League, coaches football and baseball. Philanthropic ventures include Savethechildren.org, ALS ONE (www.alsone.org can we put a link on my site for this?) Framingham University Scholarship, PCC Scholarship, and others. Each project is budgeted for 10% increase over the next 5 years. Every client that works with us can be proud to be a part of these charitable endeavors.

Core Values

Treat People with Respect and Dignity

How do you want people to treat you? That is how you treat people.

Accept Responsibility

Learn from those mistakes, own the mistakes, and get better from the mistakes. Own the mistakes and even say it out loud “That was me. I did that. I know what I did wrong and will not do it again.” Do not pass the responsibility to other or blame others.

Always Be Learning – Have A Growth Mindset

Ask questions. Have conversations with new people. Learn a new perspective. Read books that help you get better.

Lead by Example

We cannot lead if we do not set the example for others. Show others how to lead by doing. This will set the standard for leadership.

Be a Problem solver. Take Initiative

Every day we face problems that need to be addressed. We need to see the problem, diagnose it, and solve the problem. Do not wait to be told what to do. See the problem and fix it. There is nothing more gratifying than solving a problem and improving the company to benefit all of us.

Be Disciplined

Some days are just better than others. We know what needs to be done and we do it. Stay focused on the big picture and the small details. Some days we don’t want to do the job, but those days we need to hold ourselves accountable and complete the job.

Be Enthusiastic

There is nothing more contagious than being enthusiastic.

Exercise your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Take time for yourself every day to get some exercise, take a walk, a hike, meditate, and pray. Strength is built from within.