Debt Collection

This is our signature and most popular service. 

When you hire us to collect on your debts, there is no
out-of-pocket cost to you.


All of our debt collection services are 100% contingency.  What this means is when we collect the money due to you, we will keep only the pre-negotiated percentage of the amount collected as payment. 

Our contingency collection service includes skip-tracing, dunning letters, and telephone calls.  Our attempts to collect the debt will continue until the account is paid-in-full, a satisfactory payment agreement is made, the account is deemed uncollectible (deceased, indigent, or bankrupt), or the debt is referred to our collection attorneys (with your approval).  Our contingency rates vary and are based on several criteria.  Please schedule a call or email us to discuss your unique accounts. 

Send us your list of delinquent accounts, and we will send you a check!