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Who Are We?

We are a Collection Agency licensed and bonded in Massachusetts. We collect on retail and commercial debts. We specialize collecting judgments in Massachusetts and Commercial Debts Nationwide. If you are tired of getting the run around and have lost your patience with your debtor, turn them over to us.


Quick Collection

We offer quick collection on our monetary judgements. So you can the money you deserve as soon as possible.


BBB Approved

Our high quality service and expert customers service gives us an A+ rating with the BBB.


Customer Service

We offer phone and email help so you can start collecting on your judgmetn as soon as possible.

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We love helping customers. Collecting on a monetary judgement can be a lengthy and unpredictable process. Contact Judgement Acquisitions today to get help now!

  • Phone 508.857.4410
  • Fax 240.359.4906
  • 185 Main St. Suite 34 Avon MA 02322



We not only collect on judgments any more. We collect on all types of debts now. Commercial debts and Judgments are our specialty

Some companies may claim they are doing this, but we are doing this every single day!

There is not another Massachusetts Collection Agency that takes all of these steps. When we say full service we are FULL SERVICE!!! If you want a 3rd party company to do the auto dial thing and Grandma asking for $25/month, we are not for you.

You want results. If you need us to liquidate those bad debts and turn them into cash to your bottom line as fast as possible, give us a call.

We 100% feel that if there is a way to get your money recovered, we will get it!

  • Initial Investigation

    We’ll check bankruptcy, skips, jail, etc…

  • Full Service

    We are the only full service Massachusetts Collection agency who is Fully licensed, Bonded, and insured

  • Skip Tracing

    Skip Tracing (Find them and their employer, calling relatives and neighbors)

  • Collection Process

    The collection process (calls and letters),

  • Court

    Take them to court,get a rock solid judgment with a lawyer.

  • Assets

    Locating and Identifying assets

  • Activities

    Investigate the debtor’s daily activities

  • Direct Law Enforcement

    Direct Sheriffs and Constables to seize, levy and attach assets, (boats, cars, motorcycles, heavy equipment, trailers) and report credit

  • Trade Secrets

    Our trade secrets and over 25 years of experience.

  • Secure Collection Software

    State of the art Collection Software (SimplicityCollect)

  • Updates

    Real time status reports and case by case details of every one of your debtors you can access 24/7. We provide you a PIN and username and password.

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